Product Range

By working closely with End plants, Ovec Systems has developed a range of gauges, to meet and help to exceed Industry Standards.

These automatic gauges include:-

- detects and measures true microleaks, down to 0.000003cc/sec off-line.

  • AET1800 and AET2400 - Online Micro Leak Detectors

- detects and measures true microleaks, down to 0.000003cc/sec on-line.

  • AER300 - Automatic Enamel Rater

- measures metal exposure, providing industry standard results.

  • ACS100 - Automatic Compound Scales

- measures compound weight to an accuracy of 0.1mg

  • CPG200 - Compound Placement Gauge

- measures compound placement at a resolution of 0.05mm

  • APTG200 - Automatic Pop and Tear Gauge

- measures Openability of can end

  • MBS120 - Automatic Missile Buckle and Score Integrity Gauge

- high pressure mesurements for can end

- collects 1-2% representative sample for further testing

Manual gauges include:-

  • CP - Curl press
  • New gauges coming soon

Equipment from other manfuctures

  • Adixen (formerly Alcatel Vacuum Technology)
  • Vacuum Instrument Corporation (Veeco)





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