Who are Cadzow?

We are a sub-contract machine shop specialising in the manufacture of components in a vast array of materials by C.N.C. and conventional machinery. These components are supplied, finished to the customers' specifications.

History and Future

Cadzow Precision Engineering was founded in 1978 to provide a quality machine shop capable of working to the highest standards. In providing this service, years of expertise have been gained in all aspects of precision engineering, allowing each customers unique requirements to be met. In September 2008 Cadzow was purchased by a customer, Ovec Systems Ltd.

This exciting time of development for Cadzow has seen the introduction of a new management structure, focused on providing customer orientated service, continuity of quality and improved efficiency. Working together Ovec and Cadzow aim to provide customers with a truly unique service, offering not only machine shop facilities, but expertise in automation, special purpose machinery, vacuum systems, leak detection and PLC / PC based control systems.

Cadzow can also supply a large variety of spares and consumables, including vacuum and pneumatic filters, fittings and regulators, vacuum oil and stainless flexible pipework.

Contact details:
5 Brown Street,
North Lanarkshire

Tel: +44(0)1236 710660
Fax: +44(0)1236 710747

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