Ovec Systems Ltd was established in 1992 to provide automatic, accurate and reliable Helium Micro Leak Detection equipment for automated manufacturing industries.

Core Business
Keeping the Fizz in the Can!

Through continuous development, improvement and dedication to customer support, Ovec Micro Leak detectors have become a strong favourite throughout the canning industry. This success has lead to customer requests to expand the product portfolio, to incorporate other quality assurance systems.


As a private limited company, Ovec prides itself in providing customers with honest, reliable advice and assistance to help to ensure quality and supply equipment which best meets their individual requirements, with a wide range of support material and provision of comprehensive training for all our products.

Scottish Innovation

Research and development, design, manufacturing and provision of comprehensive after sales service and customer support are all based in the Head Office in central Scotland where a dedicated team of individuals works tirelessly to meet customers' needs in the best way possible.


Unlike some manufacturers, Ovec do not have any distributors or agents, a decision made to ensure that our end users receive the most cost effective service from people who know the systems best.





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