AER300 - Automatic Enamel Rater

Ovec’s Automatic Enamel Rater, designed, developed and tested with End manufacturers has been in quality labs across the globe for many years. Continuous improvements through increased software functionality and the development of hardware have kept this Competitively Priced system a firm favorite amongst quality departments.


AER300 Front View

The AER300 Automatic Enamel Rater can test up to 108 Shells or Ends per test run, with up to 12 separate batches. Quick change parts are available for different End sizes and the gauge provides Industry Standard results both locally and as a network output.

  • Suits all Beverage Ends
  • Suits 63 – 73mm Food Ends (other sizes upon application)
  • Simple quick change parts for different End sizes
  • No End preparation required
  • Automatic electrolytic level control from large reservoir
  • Automatic calibration routine every cycle
  • Automatic electrical contact and continuity check every cycle
  • Vacuum held Ends for reliable positive sealing
  • Utilises and improves on industry proven test procedures
  • Fast 12 second cycle time (based on 4 second immersion)
  • Automatic low fluid alert
  • Pass/Fail bins (segregation of Ends for further examination)
  • Easy maintenance and excellent serviceability
  • All Test Head components are stainless steel or acetal to withstand the harsh environment.
  • Industry standard Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC control
  • Small footprint required, allowing the system to fit neatly into any quality lab.
  • 24” Touch Screen Control
  • Available with lockable trolley, allowing all change parts etc to be kept with the system.

The AER300 Automatic Enamel Rater story so far...

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