CPG200 Compound Placement Gauge
CPG Front View
CPG Front View
CPG Main Screen
CPG Main Screen

The system offers many advantages to End makers, by moving away from the traditional method of using a pair of pliers, vernier calipers and the human eye. By removing operator's judgment from the test procedure, reliable and accurate measurements, accurate to 0.01 mm, are recorded for analysis.

As well as storing the measurement results for the shoulder height and cut edge, the image of the Shell/End is stored to allow the actual Shells to be viewed at a later date if required. This is often of interest as the image can clarify the basic information provided in the results.

A calibration check before every test ensures that the system settings are correct for the Shell being tested. This is essential, due to the ease with which the system can be changed to test different Shells, using our quick change parts. Within seconds the system can be measuring a different compound type on a different Shell size made from a different material.

The system can be loaded with up to 48 sample Shells or Ends. After loading the machine with a batch of Shells and entering details of where and when the batch was produced, no further operator intervention is required. The curl is automatically opened prior to measurement of both shoulder height and cut edge.

Flexible software has been developed for the CPG200, to accommodate the variety of Shell/End sizes, colours and compounds which are to be tested. Operators can select metric/imperial units, measurement of cut edge, wall height or band width, number of decimal places to be displayed, number of measurements per shell, etc. to allow the the easy set up and test of a variety of different materials on the one system by storing the unique test conditions required for each Shell type. This allows flexibility in measurement procedures, as everybody has their own preferred method.

As with all Ovec products, there are on-going developments of the software and hardware over time. These do not in any way change the accuracy or reliability of the way the Shell is measured or the results recorded, but improve the user interface and functionality of the gauges. We are always happy to listen to feedback from customers and incorporate their suggestions where appropriate or discuss alternatives if the original suggestion is not practical.

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